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To "larp" is defined as "live action role-playing".

I am not a role playing enthusiast, but the reason may be the fact that I never was introduced to it, or actually started to play. I was more occupied with other things - especially hiking and fishing when I was younger, staying for weeks in a tent with only dried vegetables in the back pack, and the rest of the diet was what you was able to catch. In my view, this is valuable and important "larping" at its best.

So, we all do "larp", very often actually. Some more than others. And, you do not need to be a "batik new age wicca witch" or a "plastic viking pot head" to "larp".

The term is loaded with negativity, for different reasons (like above) - but not mainly for the right reasons.

There is a mental important component attached to "larping", and not only the often physical appearance. You gear your mind into something, not only a role played, but a mentality, a way to look at things, a way to look at the world and others around you. Guidence, inspiration and concistency, that is. It shapes you over time, and the natural role becomes you - because it is you.

This assumes that you "larp" as something positive, of course. Something you can gain from and grow with.

What more positive can you possible find than your own culture and traditions?

We have to "larp" in todays sick world just to be able to keep them more or less intact.

Not necessarily by dressing up (that is actually the least important aspect) - but to tune in your attitude and mindset, and to find your Hamingja, your ancestral memory! To learn. The more of the "larping" that becomes permanent and real (such as honor, pride, skills, homesteading, hunting, fishing, crafts, freedom and sustainability) - the better!

Why "larp" as a stone age fire starter in the woods, when you have matches and chemicals avaliable? I think you know the answer...

The right kind of "larping" will help you, and it will attract the right sustainable partner. If it was not for my dedication for the wisdom of my ancestors, I would never had married my beautiful wife that has given me the best possible family of our own. The picture are from the times right after we married - at an occation of , yeah,"larping" .-)

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