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A call to the health authorities

This typographed text is perhaps a meme, and from an author unknown. The problem with categorizing it as a meme is that a meme contains some truth - exaggerated. This is not the case here. This "meme" is as real as it gets, in our present zoombie clown world, tranforming into tyrannical dimmentions. If this typographed phone call in fact is real or not does not matter - because this is the essence of today, and the facts.


Me: I have a question for you, do I have to take the vaccine shots if I already have had Covid?

Authorities: Yes, you must absolutely be vaccinated even if you already have had Covid. That is because our scientists and experts yet do not know how long you are protected from becoming ill after a recovery from Covid.

Me: Oh, OK, so you do not know how long natural immunity lasts? So, how long would an immunity after the vaccine last?

Authorities: It is still much to be learned about Covid infections and virus, the authorities are investigating new studies and new evidence all the time, and update our new directions. We do not know how long the protection lasts for those vaccinated.

Me: OK... but hold on a minute. I thought you said that the reason I had to be vaccinated was because you do not know how long my natural immunity lasts, but now it seems that that you do not know how long my immunity lasts after I am vaccinated. So, in what way is the immunity after a vaccine better than my natural immunity?

Authorities: :......

Me: Well, OK. But, there are published several studies that show that you build natural immunity via the T- and B-cell memory in the bone marrow, and that this natural immunity could be life long, and up to 70 years, and after one year you still have antibodies if you have been exposed to a corona virus.

Authorities: Yes.

Me: Oh... so natural immunity can last much longer than a vaccinated one?

Authorities: That is possible, but you will never know.

Me: OK, does that mean that I will not get sick if I take the vaccine shots?

Authorities: We have an increasing infection rate now in many places in the world even if the majority of the people are vaccinated, and around half of all the infections and those in need of hospital treatment are vaccinated.

Me: Is that true? Is it so that many of those infected and suffer from Covid in fact are vaccinated?

Authorities: We have stopped testing the vaccinated early, because we want to monitor the breakthrough of the vaccines. We recieve volunteer reports on breakthrough, but we do not search for them.

Me: Does that mean that if a person comes to the hospital with Covid, you do not test that person if this person is vaccinated? You only test the unvaccinated?

Authorities: That is correct.

Me: OK, so even if I am vaccinated, I risk both to get infected and get sick. So, how will these vaccines help me?

Authorities: We never said that you would not be sick. We said they would reduce your risk of getting seriously ill or die.

Me: OK, I am sorry. So, how big of a risk do I have of getting seriously ill and maybe die if I vaccinate?

Authorities: That, we do not know.

Me: Oh... so, what is your best estimate for how big the riskreduction is that I will not get sick and die if I vaccinate?

Authorities: We do not know.

Me: Hmmm..., if I am healthy and do not want to get vaccinated, what is the argument that I have to get vaccinated?

Authorities: You must get vaccinated for your fellow humans. You must show solidarity and stop being selfish.

Me: In what way can it be beneficial for the collective population that I get vaccinated?

Authorities: Because you can spread the virus to others that can get sick and die.

Me: Can a fully vaccinated person spread the virus to others?

Authorities: Yes.

Me: So, if I am vaccinated, can I still spread the virus to all the others?

Authorities: Yes.

Me: But, you just said that the reason that I should get vaccinated was to prevent that I spread the virus to others? What is the point of me vaccinating if I still can get infected and spread the virus to all others, even if I am vaccinated?

Authorities: Forget that. The main point is that if you do not get vaccinated, it increases the risk for the virus to mutate and form other variants that will make you infect other vaccinated fellow humans with this new variant so they get sick and die.

Me: So, if I get vaccinated, it will stop the virus from mutating?

Authorities: No.

Me: So, the virus still mutates in the vaccinated?

Authorities: Yes.

Me: This is confusing. If the vaccines do not stop the virus from mutating, and some reports tell that it actually increases mutation, that it does not prevent infection, sickness and death as the factual figures tell us; How does the vaccines help me to prevent the virus to undergo an even better enviroment for mutations - with the result that the virus escapes any theoretical possible protection from the vaccines meant to protect me?

Authorities: OK, you do not listen! The conclution is: as long as you are unvaccinated you represent a threath against the vaccinated.

Me: What kind of threath?

Authorities: The threath that the vaccinated can get seriously ill and die from Covid.

Me: Help me out here, my brain is spinning now.... Did you not say that the vaccines do not prevent people from getting infected from Covid, only that it prevents you from getting seriously ill and die? Now, you say that the vaccinated still can get infected and die from Covid even if they are vaccinated - only by meeting an unvaccinated person? What argument are you really using?

Authorities: That´s it, time to hang up.

Me: Wait a minute. I only want to check if I have understood all this correctly. So, even if I have had Covid, I still need to get vaccinated, because I do not know how long the immunity lasts, and we do not know how long the immunity of the vaccines lasts either. And, I must be vaccinated to prevent that other vaccinated get a Covid infection from me, but even if I get the vaccines I can always pass on the infection to the vaccinated. And, the other vaccinated can still get seriously ill from the Covid infection they got from me being vaccinated, and die. Have I understood everything correctly?

Authorities: .....(silence)....

Me: Are you still there?


The present situation in Norway with a population of 5 million people as of today is this:

Total deaths from or with a Covid infection from the beginng of the "pandemic": 804 individuals.

Average death from or with the coronavirus known as the flu every year: 1 000 individuals.

Few reported cases of "long Covid" and 70% of the reported cases are amongst elderly.

The deaths are almost all amongst elderly in a terminal phase.

Total amount of hospitalized today: 30 individuals.

Total amount of vaccine dozes shot from January 2021: 5 542 644.

Total amount of deaths related to vaccine shots from January 2021 until July 2021: 200 individuals.

(death figures from vaccines updated only per mid July). In other words we have 800 dead from the virus and 200 dead from the vaccines.

Amount of reported bi-effects (all from light to serious and death): 23 600 reports.

There are not yet data on the long term effects of vaccines, since vaccinations have only been ongoing since January this year.

Infection rate trend: Increasing.

New lock downs and restrictions on the horizon.

Vaccine passports implemented.

Increasing propaganda, push and force for more vaccination and booster shots.


If your soul is still connected to your five senses and body, you would clearly feel the sent of a scam. You would clearly feel the smell of population control and money. If you are one of those that blindly trusted your authorities and did what they said, you would clearly feel a violent anger - or you will simply drown yourself in cognitive dissonance.

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