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A war in France?

Emmanuel Macron finally said it, France is under attack - and people around the world (save the vast majority in the Muslim world) rejoice in agreement. Finally! - a politician that "cracks down" on "IslamFacism", they say. Yes, the sheeple in the West actually believe so....

I am sorry, but I have news for you. It is too late. Dissidents like myself, who for years and years have warned about accumulating conflicts, multi culturalism and empty words under rainbow colours - are and will be proven right, once again.

The French "liberté, égalité, fraternité" is gone by, decades ago. It will never return in the current system, and are thus today only empty phrases used by traitorous politicians guilty of the situation themselves. This goes not only for France of course, it goes for the whole West.

The European cities are turned into shit holes, a mere mirror of the quality and the diveristy of humans existing inside them. Filth breeds filth, in case you already did not know. In this day and age, old and logic Norwegian sayings are more relevant than ever.

These traitors making up our politicians have blood on their hands, and have betrayed the European people. They have not only betrayed the European people, but they have also betrayed the muslims. Thereafter; invited them en masse at the expence of native Europeans, in all possible ways.

"Our politicians" seem suprised and shocked by current events. There is no reason to be suprised and shocked. What you see now, is only a small single receipt of many even greater payments to come. What you see now, is just another proof of failed force fed multi culturalism. We have countless proofs. Daily. Our 3 000 years of written history is full of these proofs, and not one single proof that it ever functioned.

What is bothering, is not that some muslims do what they always have done - chopping off heads and killing in the name of their desert abrahamic cult, whilst the vast majority of muslims in general stay silent and are more or less supportive of it. What is bothering, is that the common European man does not understand that diversity and multi culturalism always equals war. You can wish all you want that the reality was not so, you can scream human rights, "liberté, égalité, fraternité", do not let them take away our western values" bla, bla - all you want. It will not help.

The tribe of real power understands this very well. Native Europeans and muslims are chips in a game. Chips that never can co-exist in peace, without conflict and decay. The tribe of real power (the few managers of the money supply) are the ones that benefit, and no one else. The tactics are well known. They flourish with divition, and it is done by design.

Divide et impera”

Well, there is no need to speculate. It would be better to show a fraction of relevant quotes and facts instead. You can make up your own mind.

One could very well agree with Emmanuel Macron;

France and Europe are under attack. We have been for a very long time. The sadest part though, is that Europe, and especially the "populist right wing movement" suffer from the Stockholm syndrome, and are completly led astray. They fight the enemy´s battles as they always have done...


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