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Anti-Scandinavian Airlines

The new PC video from SAS:

Are you surprised? Well, if SAS had in mind making Scandinavia attractive as a tourist destination using their aircrafts, you would be. Who would visit a Scandinavia with no roots, with no culture or people of their own? Who would visit the islands of Skadi, compiled of only stolen items and culture from everybody else except native Scandinavians? Oh... wait... there is no such thing as Native Scandinavians in the thick PC cock-pit lenses of SAS. Who could be so ignorant and stupid?

SAS has nothing to do what so ever with Native Scandinavians. This is a corperation, and a big one for sure, with long nosed share holders demanding revenue, with a beta management bending over for a political agenda in fear of recieving an "Iceland letter" from the blackmailing ADL. That is all.

If a big corperation is not onboard with the cultural and demographic de-construction (white especially and for now only), they are in big trouble.

In other words, there is nothing new under the sun...

I would give the SAS management an advice, though;

If you are so embarrassed of Scandinavia that you must lie and piss on our heritage to save your "foreign brand value" - please change your company name. Native Scandinavians do not need you, neither your foreign passengers.

As of today, 13th of February SAS has been recieving a massive downvote and heavy backfire. First the video was taken down. Then, re-uploaded without comments. Still, with the same backfire again. This backfire is explained by SAS via mainstream media as a "Russian hack". This only proves that no lie are big enough for the globalist agenda. They miscalculated the gut reaction of normal people, tired of being forcefed multi cult rootless propaganda. If this video was made out of only commercial interest it would have been taken down and never re-published. The fact that SAS (or the entity behind it) only doubles down - proves that this video has an agenda.

We should be glad that SAS made this video. It is now obvious, even for the most ignorant, what kind of agenda big corporations have, and who controls them. It serves to wake people up to the ongoing cultural war.

If you want to know what Scandinavians are all about, our history, our traditions, culture, allodial heritage and unike tribes, you can for a start read this blog and my books.

And, to all of the Boomers:

It´s now time to cancel your tickets to Gran Canaria.

For once, do something for our Folk and Heritage.

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