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Chips in a game

Someone - "the you know who" - really wants a race war. Follow the stream of money, the entities behind the NGO´s, the propaganda and interests in this chessgame of power, and it all becomes very clear.

To rule over a people, the first thing you do is to remove its roots. This process has been going on for decades already, and now we are in the next phase.

Rootless people become sheep, very easy to control. In the process, you spark off conflict and anger, so the different interest groups clash together - making fools out of themselves.... and in comes the "order out of constructed chaos".

To have this power grab, you first have to have what is known as a multicultural society. That process has been going on for decades as well, and now we are in the next phase.

There is of course no wonder that the big cities and multicultural nations have these problems the most. Only in these societies you have the possibility to implement the propaganda - into action.

"The you know who" can flourish on the backs of others in such conditions, and in such societies only. When every displaced rootless sheep is busy fighting eachother, when everyone is distracted by riots, intensified extremities on all sides - the real criminals have all the cover and camouflage they need.

Why do you think that the sponsors and the puppet masters of these "revolutions" have strickter racial laws for themselves than Himmlers SS? Why do you think that they want mono-culture and "Lebensraum" at home, and rootless multicult everywhere else? Why do you think it is only gentiles fighting these revolutions?

Do not play their game...

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