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Collateral Damage

The medical tyranny train is moving fast. Behind it there is staggering collateral damage. Our youngest children are now facing the train fuelled full speed by the globalists. Please listen to this hearing session from the FDA and let PhD Brian Dressen adress this, which in the future will be known as in very diplomatic terms.

Do not ever comply to the official narrative and the propagandized blatant lies.

These inventors of gene therapy, doctors, nurses and other academics that in accumulative numbers are "coming out of the cave" only serve as proof of what you perhaps have known for a long time now, but that have been utterly supressed and sensored for the general public.

Most adults are lazy, stupid sheeple - and will get as deserved. They have no second thought what so ever in becoming a synthetic sub-human with a compromised immune system, potentially put on the same course as the effects of a HIV virus. In their own fear; hoping to live without "viruses", they litterally beg to be placed on that course. There is no hope for them.

But, they do have one good thing left they can do: never comply to vaccinating their children.

Norwegian status per 19th of October:

In Norway where 69% of the population have taken the gene therapy, we have almost 40 000 reported adverse effect cases, and this is only the tip of the iceberg. Almost half of the reported adverse effects cases are not yet analyzed. There have been 900 deaths reported with or from corona virus during the whole "covid-period". Before the "pandemic" (two years ago) known corona viruses killed off between 1-2 000 individuals every winter. There have been 216 reports of deaths directly after vaccination.

More important, we have surging infection rates, and we will hit all time highs. Nearly 60% of the cases in hospitals are fully vaccinated. Many places around the country - all of the patients. The amount of cases in hospitals are increasing.

The authorities have constantly and continuously been moving the goal posts - lying to us.

The most positive thing in all of this up until now has been the "free choice" to get vaccinated. There have been few or no consequences for not complying in Norway. No one has forced you to wear a mask (with the same effect as trying to keep mosquitos out with a chicken wire). No one has forced you to get vaccinated, not in private sector nor in gouvernmental jobs. But, that most likely is about to change. This winter will separate the wheat from the chaff....

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During this "pandemic" several hundred new globalist billionaires are made, in the sphere of the less than 1% globalist club that controls more than 90% of the worlds resources and wealth. Do not for a second believe that "no one" benefits for our peoples total stupidity.

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