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Do not submit. Do not comply.

The evidence and facts are adding up at an increasingly high speed, related to the biggest world headline these days - the all known flu virus.

It is a well known fact that the globalists wish to reduce the world population, and the agenda has been clear on this point for a very long time. Anyone that is not aware of this fact, can easily look it up for themselves.

When we have this in mind, it reminds us of the earliest "crazy" conspiracy theories we heard early in this "pandemic"; that the virus was engineered in the Wuhan lab and planted into the world community. This past "conspiracy theory" is now mainstream news headlines... I was one of those that wrote such theories off. Now, I am not so sure, and the stack of evidence as time has gone by, has put this in to a different perspective.

The situation today with record high infection rates is in bullet points summed up as follows;

- The hippocratic oath of doctors and health personel is denied, and the use of functional and verified very effective medicines, vitamins, minerals and treatment protocols are banned and supressed.

- Early treatment of infections is denied and supressed - even if the verified results of such protocols and treatments show a minimum 85% success rate and the same prevention of hospitalization.

- Everyone, including inventors and scientists of the mrna-technology, that raise their voices against the globalist narrative, are being de-platformed, sensored and hunted like witches in the Middle Ages.

- The massive side-effects of the so called vaccines are being manipulated, supressed and lied about.

- The total lack of positive effects of the so called vaccines, propagandized as the opposite by the globalists and the owned mainstream media, have from day one been lies.

- The social coercion is accumulating and orchestrated from the same globalists, that "forces" everyone to submit.

- The immense pressure from the gouvernment to submit is accumulating, and people will loose their livelyhoods and freedoms.

- The coming mandates, already implemented many places for adults, - is now coming for children full force.

- The side effects of the so called vaccines, amongst many others, are;

Blood cloths.


Inflamations of hearts.

Increased miscarriages from 10-80% in the first trimester.

Increase in cancer.

Increase in auto-immune diseases.

Ovarian disfunction.


Antibody-dependant enhancement.

- We have only seen the first phase of direct side-effects, and only the tip of the iceberg for the first phase.

- The hospitals are not filled up with un-vaccinated - but fully vaccinated patients.

- The hospitals are filled up with patients with severe "other" deseases, and the official narrative is that "we do not know why".

- A child has a 99,98% chance of a full recovery from a Covid-19 infection, and this infection for a child is less dangerous than the ordinary flu (also a corona virus).

- Many more children have and will die from the so called vaccine, than from any corona virus itself.

To put this potential death shot in to your children is pure evil.

The above are facts, and when you add these facts up - you will, if you are a truth seeking individual, willing to adjust your perspectives based upon incoming facts, evidence and reason - realise that we could very well be witnessing the greatest crime against humanity in the known world history.

The earlier statements still stand; Corona viruses are not a conspiracy, but all the lies, measures, coercions, official narratives, fear and the fake therapy are.

Do not submit. Do not comply.


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