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Yes, the EU-green passes are here - like predicted. Let us use the tyrants own analogy for a change and come up with some solutions, rather than constantly complaining.

Let us demand a Gesundheitspass!

We want a Gesundheitspass that prevents dark skinned D-vitamin deficient individuals, fat people, diabetics and other weaklings with underlying morbidities the possibility to access places where you and other healthy and strong individuals find youselves. These weak individuals contract and spread - vaccinated or not - and are to the highest extent a burden for us all. They are filling up the hospitals! We need to lock down everything because of them.

Secondly, we must all donate the first and second clot-shot, togehter with the seven coming booster death-shots to Africa. It is important that we virtue signal our compassion, and make our sacrifices for the global good - and imagined herd immunity. We must get out of this plandemic after all.

Those individuals not in possesion of a valid Gesundheitspass are not responsible individuals.

Such an individual is holding the majority hostage. Such an individual is not recognized as a citizen.

Those individuals that have submitted to medical experimental gene-manipulation, overrunning the hospitals with all kinds of disease disorders and immune system failures, will not be applicable for a Gesundheitspass. They will, however, be submitted to pay an increased health tax in order to cover the costs of the community as a whole for their bad choices in life.

We will get out of this plandemic, stronger than ever.


Irony? Indeed, but the analogy is identical, and facts are facts...

And, for those that believe that the Gesundheitspass of the National Socialists was even something that resembles the total madness of a tyranny we see today - think again.

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