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H7N7, A(H1N1), Sars, Covid-19, 20, 21 and beyond

We are soon facing "the end of the pandemic", if we are to believe our politicians. We just have to participate in the biggest biological human experience there ever was first; in a Russian Roulette both short and long term. All, whilst we have to "hang in there" just a little bit longer they say, compliant. Staying compliant. Molded compliant enough.

Yes, there is a virus, if you have not noticed. A virus that will not go to waste in the spirit of Davos, because the virus is not a conspiracy, but parts of the gouvermental madness and its effects are. Yes, the virus can be dangerous. Just open up your eyes. Just like every other virus, spread out through the global diversity of every modern nation, thus more rapid than ever before. Is this virus very lethal in numbers in the global perspective? No, not really. At least not these present versions of it. But, for weak people it is. That is also the case short term for the ongoing DNA experiment produced by scientists that could not even get the baby powder right. And, not a single soul on this planet have the answer for the long term effects yet, not for the virus itself or its coming mutations and potential multi ressistances, nor the needle in your shoulder in all its variants, brands and new DNA technologies to master Nature, every six months refreshed.

But who cares, right? Both the most compliant slaves and the mask burning anti-lock down group-hug protestors all have the same in common. The only thing that differenciate them is belief and methods. They all want to return as soon as possible to their old habits, to their comfortable and social lifestyles. They all want to hug all kinds of people outside their household, travel the world on all sorts of vacations and long weekends to the world metropoles, let immigrants from all over the globe (shithole countries that is) to enter enn mass to do the dirty work of the domestic unemployed, lift iron in the gym, drinking beer at the bar, go to big parties - yes, return to the "normal metropolian life". Return to the root cause, that is (1). The recent scenes from UK reminded us of a spring opening of the barn doors, where the domesticated cattle run eachother over to arrive to the next fenced "green field" (the bar).

Care not if people are believers, non-believers, conspiracy theorists, anti-mask just to be anti-mask, mainstream zoombies, worshippers of pharma Messiah or just plain stupid.

The most important thing is, are you a part of the problem? We all probably are, to a greater or lesser degree. We are back to the old knowlegde again, discararded a long time ago for the sake of profits; If you have too many pigs in the bin, you will have plague (2). If in doubt, please read the headline of this post once more.

(1) Some people with intelligence deficit claim that the virus known as the Black Plague was "planted" too. Well, it has, after all, becomed more common and symptomatic with a sharply declining intelligence level to find the easiest way out mentally, physically and artificially - away from all common sense and uncomfortable truths. They all need a saviour, real or not.

(2) Is it not just ironic, that the criminal gang of Davos, the World Economic Forum and UN do as much as they can to destroy private property, self sustainability, destruction of every social class except the bottom, destruction of whole nations and their biological make-up, and herd every old and newly made Kalergi-Übermensch-slave into a "sustainable" mega city?

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