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Is Covid-19 a Conspiracy?

You hear it all over… It is a hoax, it is a conspiracy… it is planted by “our leaders”…

Well, I think you have to be able to differentiate between a corona virus and a power hungry government – and that these two “entities” can act together in a symbiosis, and still not be a conspiracy per se.

We do not know where this virus came from. If it came from a lab, in a bat soup, or if it occurred in nature, so to speak. What we do know, is that “corona viruses” have existed before, they mutate and are quite known to us. They have in common that your body generally speaking is unable to create effective immunity against them. Therefore no obvious vaccines can be made either. That is a problem, when we know that research at this early stage tells that this particular virus called Covid-19, in an unknown amount of cases, reduces and damage your heart, lungs, blood circulation, kidneys and glands in the aftermath of an infection… and probably even harder when you are infected the second time. Time will tell…

We can be assured that this virus is very real. It is no conspiracy, folks… The elites get infected, the royals, prime ministers, the EU parliament members, politicians, the immigrant non-European enclaves to the highest degree and so forth. I am one of those that believe that this is true, and I normally do not wear a tin foil hat.

This virus is real, because our civilization is artificial. There are too many people gathered at too many places (“great cities”), all vaccinated and pumped full of anti-biotics all their lives for a little sneeze. Too many are living on the credit of mother nature. Too many should have been dead already, to put it bluntly. More so than ever before in history. Because nature is blunt, merciless and fair. So, if you think there will not be other plagues and “re-balancing viruses” in the future at an accumulating phase, you should shake yourself out of your civic cognitive dissonance. My prediction is that Covid-19 is just another virus, here to stay, in the withered flower bouquet of “modern life”.

If Covid-19 is the black swan it seems to be, and that it will spark off an economic collapse (which we are already in if you are not totally blind) and bring the civilized world into a new and even greater depression, the fall of the civilization as we know it will cause far more deaths than the virus itself. It will pop the global Frankenstein dept bubble. All the fake comfort and welfare will vanish, and so will the people depending on it. Still no conspiracy, just basic facts.

Then you have the “powers that be”… There is absolutely no surprise that they, as always, never let a crisis go to waste. This crisis, which is very real, both at the health level, and even more so at the economic, distribution and food productive level, are and will be used for all that it is worth. Nothing is better for a hard tried unselected “management”, than hunger games. It will be, and are used, to control the population, monitor the population, restrict the population, force-feed the population with the normal propaganda in a slightly different wrapping – and in the plausible name of “safety”. In other words, making you even more a slave. This should come to no one’s surprise. The economic collapse is noting the elites want per se, but they always represent a transfer of wealth, from you - to a financial elite. The real “elite”.

Europe is in “lock down”. Arrangements and gatherings of more than 5 people are illegal, and it will stay that way for a long, long time. But, in Scandinavia all the kinder gardens and 1-4 graders are called back to their institutions in a couple of days… That says a lot, not only of logic failure, but of what really matters to the mommy state and their constant need for tax income.

Well, this is the closest you will get a conspiracy in regards to Covid-19.

It should never be called a conspiracy, but a side effect of a sick society.

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