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Norðvegr and the first Globalism

Few know and are aware that we have had what historians call a civil war in Norway, stretching over hundreds of years. The same historians claim that the main three areas of the country fought against each other due to theories as famine, battle for resources, land and petty pagan Kings waging war against each other almost as a tradition in of itself. Is this even remotely true? Is this the whole explanation?

Before Christianity arrived with brutal force to our lands, conflicts between Kings were rarer. The conflicts exploded during the forced Christianisation and accumulated further in the years to come. Before this period, decisions were made locally by elections and selections – processes supported by the smaller local tribes. The conflicts internally emerged after the pagan principles were left behind, or rather forced away for a new authoritarian foreign rule. The conflicts emerged when Kings inherited the Throne by blood, and not elections, selections, and processes with tribal support.

The conflicts arose with Christianity and when the sell out Kings started to become imperialistic, when they started a new tradition in taking several wives besides the Queen (Norse: “friller”) – out of strategic means and to control, expand and accumulate more power. This continental “custom” was adopted in the early years of Christian influence amongst corrupted Kings. Their sons (which were many, with different women) – fought among each other to claim the Throne, and this was an inevitable result, and brothers waged war against each other.

This degraded form of inheritance of Kingdoms resulted in a practise where two or more brothers could rule the same Kingdom. This was a compromised form of rule we have several examples of throughout the Middle Ages. The allodial pagan laws were not compatible with the Almighty Christian King with “powers” directly from the Christian God – and thus, we got a practice that in its essence was a compromised form, a “little of everything” – ideologized by a foreign religion, resulting in brother wars and tribal wars. It resulted in what is known as a civil war, over several hundred years.

We know very well that this were no times of general famine, lack of resources or other external factors that resulted in these conflicts and civil wars – other than religion, corruption, and the catholic church (Rome´s) power grab through the Kings in Norway. It is the same story we see today – with our present “Kings” and "politicians", and what we call “globalism”.

The civil unrest and the old Kingdoms had been laying in accumulating conflict with each other and as well internally within themselves for over a hundred years – a period of meaningless crusades to “free Jerusalem”, spilling Norwegian blood on foreign soil for the new Jewish religion. This is the same insanity we see today, when our resources are used and our soldiers fight under the Internationalist UN/US, for the exact same foreign powers and “religion”, disguised as something “good” and for your own safety.

The Norwegian King Sigurðr jórsalafari arrives in Konstantinopel on his crusade, after crushing all the Muslims on his way there. Sigurðr shared the rule of the Kingdom of Norway with his brother Eystein, that took care of the domestic business at home.

When the domestic division was at the deepest after the forced Christianisation, the Pope in Rome sent in Cardinals and Bishops from the year 1152 and established the archbishopric. In these times, this would today be the same as establishing an actual new nation, and a total internationalization of our lands, a serf-province of the Christian world – directed from Rome. This was the Jewish Cult Internationalist´s “divide and conquer” in a textbook manuscript. It made Norway a little chip in the international game. The Kings lost their positions, or rather the little that was left for them, and the local ability to rule and decide locally deteriorated. The church accumulated not only land and properties, but also implemented heavy taxation (at the time 1,5 grams of silver per household) directly to the Pope-seat, in addition to land confiscations as the means for taxation of everything produced, whilst exploited by the new order, in a feudalistic religious model. From here, the story goes on to the same tune – up to this very day.

The present religion is modern science, modern medicine, climate change – the new world order in the shape of “Agenda 2030”. The agenda has always been the same; to exploit you, disarm you, strip you of freedom, property, and independence and make you all dependent of the ruling authority. Our “Kings” and “decisionmakers” are still sitting around the continental and international ”tables" of “elites”, betraying their people and selling out their homelands – upon receiving the same “grace” and corrupt gifts and positions.

Little has changed. When you know the script, you can predict the future.


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