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Our "community"

I often hear so-called pagans use the term "our community", as it was a sort of pagan community of any value out there. As a "Christian community" (read: sect), where you are either "in" or "out". Well, if you have grown up in a Christian enviroment in for example United Juice of America, you are probably so broken by this monoteistic mindset, that you simply are not able to grasp what paganism really is...

Your so-called "pagan community" are a bunch of "digital soldiers" of opinions, scattered all over the globe, useless without the Internet and modern constructs.

No, there is no such thing as a "pagan community", because paganism is about family and tribe, by blood. Any other type of "community" is artificial and destructive. If you have read any relevant history at all, you would know that paganism was set for destruction when these bonds lost value and were de-constructed. Communities equals centralization, specialization and quantity - not quality. Paganism is the opposite.

Any form of "community", and especially "a pagan one", will attract the absolute worst scum and filth you possible can dig out.

Your tribe is your family, your relatives by blood. Those you trust 100%. Those you would go to war with, and risk your own life for - every single one of them. That is why our ancestors never used the term "community". That is why a tribe (in the correct term) never exceeded 150 individuals.

Stop looking for a "tribe" on the Internet, and believe that you are part of a "community"that represent anything else than slander, envy, backstabbing and decay.

A tribe, you must produce yourself - through your own descendants.

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