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Pagan Wisdom in the Dystopian Present

Modern civilization is dystopian. We live in a modern feydal system, ever increasing peoples enslavement to it - with eyes wide open, in a zoombie like state. The vast majority blindly trust the system and the regulators, uncritically allowing it to take control of every aspect of your life, your childrens life, and even your DNA in the present and thus for all forseeable future - to buy ones false safety here and now for every threat and sympthom caused by the same system. Safety for possible a few months, they say, just to reach the summit of misery... causing only acceleration of an ever crippled slave humanity, under the control of the few - going in circles of fear and propaganda, until all comply. Because behind the mountain top the politicians are telling us we are "soon" on top of, a new and even higher one will appear. This, in the biggest human experiment there is, and ever was.

In this extreme enviroment, modern medicine and big pharma are the returning Messiah and the Church of our days. "The new religion", with the same script, is chanted by the new priests; the scientists (those who comply) and politicians (mostly traitors). These are apparantly the only saviours and hope for the masses - to "cure" all weakness, unsustainable continiued life styles and secure the "modern human rights" via a DNA adjusted jab passport proof - to still enable the boomer holiday and keep fueling modern unsustainable economics while tracking your every move. You get, in the short term, to enjoy travelling business and leisure in a way both Kings and peasants only could dream of in all human history. For you to have your "bread and circus" whilst the middle class perish (yes, that would probably be you). To make the 0,001% even more wealthy, and to herd the even more modified and domesticated, propertyless and minimum citizen sallary cattle into the "sustainable development goals" of the all united nations. Yes, a small layer of green colour on the exterior, for your eyes to be tricked. The interior is bloody red - pure communism.

You will, if you do not comply and submit to their sick agenda, become an outcast. Well, we should all become just that. We should become a good neighbour, but a bad citizen. We should use our own minds and let Mother Nature take her course. We should let the mills of the Gods grind. Because, we know that their mills grind slowly, but they grind final. We know that if we cheat and take the easy way out in the present, we will be crushed under her grinding mill in the future. Merciless.

Our pagan, strong, honorable, intelligent, un-selfish, kind and moderate ancestors knew this. They survived far greater crises in the past, and they did not submit to tyrants. They did as the bees in the beehives, they split the tribes when exceeding more than 150 individuals in their "uncivilized" scattered settlements and chose their own idol leaders. Let us remind ourselves of their wisdom and virtues, with only a few extracts of what is the reason that we are still here;

"It is better to fight and fall,

than to live without hope"

"It is better do die with honor,

than to live in shame"

"It is better with a swift moment of honor,

than a life in shame"

"It is better to go out and fight,

than to be burned inside"

"The coward thinks he will live,

if he avoids the spear,

but the age will give him no piece"

"If you sense evil,

take it as that;

and never give the enemy piece"

"Courage is better,

than the might of the sword;

a brave man

can always win victory

with a blunt blade"

"Courage is better,

than being discouraged;

better is happy,

than being grumpy;

whatever your fate might be"

"The guess of the wise,

is the truth"

"The overrated,

are the biggest deceivers"

"Hard words,

brake no bones"

"A wise man does everything in moderation"

"Stubborness brings

either more humiliation

or greater honor"

"Let the wounds of others,

be your warning"

"A small home is better than nothing,

with two goats and a roof,

you never have to beg"

"For your friend,

you should be friend,

and for his friend;

but for a friend of an enemy,

no man should ever be friend"

"If you have a friend,

and think well of him;

seek him up,

the weeds grow,

and the gras stands high,

on unwalked paths"

"Visit a friend invited,

but uninvited if he is in need"

"Something so unwise

you should never do,

than to argue with a fool"

"Waste not three words

arguing with a fool;

the wise gives in,

when the dumb strikes"

"Never make shoes,

or handles for weapons,

if it is not for yourself;

if the handle is skewed,

or the shoes too small,

unfortune is upon you"

"Brave and generous men live the best"

"Wealth is gone,

by a blink of an eye;

it is a wobbly friend"

"Death smiles to us all,

all you can do is to smile back"

"It is not death you should fear,

but that you do not start living"

"The value of a man,

is no greater than his ambition"

"Whatever you do,

do it with all your force"

"The cowards die,

many times,

before they die"

"There is only one way to happiness,

to not worry of things

that are beyond your control and will"

"It is not what happens to you that matters,

but how you react to it"

"Defend what belongs to you at any cost,

do not desire the belongings of others"

"Only a fool would pray to the Gods,

for things he can accieve himself"

"Is freedom anything else

than to live as you wish?

Nothing else"

"Tolerance and apathy,

are the last virtues of a dying society"

"Inequality is to make everything equal"

"Nothing in the business of humans,

is worthy anxiety"

"Science is nothing else than an opinion"

"Ignorance towards the men of antiquity,

is to stay in childhood all our days"

"Ignorance is curable,

stupidity not"

"Lies travel faster than truth"

"The mills of the Gods grind slowly,

but they grind final"

"Death is often the best healer"

"The Gods give nuts to those without teeth"

"The Gods help those who help themselves"


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The quotes are taken from the Norse Eddas, sagas and the European Pagan philosophers of antiquity.

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