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Quality before Quantity

Social Media is toxic. It can give you a wide quantitative reach, for sure - but for what?

You eventually find yourself in a cesspool, consuming time arguing with fools and degenerates, blocking provocateurs, handling spamming porn images, balancing self-censorship, strikes and reports from the enemy´s plattforms and their minions. To even avoid this in your social media presence, you have to consume time as well.

"If you wrestle with a pig, you will go away with it´s stench"

A defeatist move, you say? Well, if you weigh what you get back for the time spent, the reach in total, to whom and what kind of freak show you inevitable will be entangled with, combined with what you actually support by using these plattforms - it becomes more clear.

The productive individuals worthy of a following have been followed before long nosed silicon valley concolidated your file and your life. And, for alternative and dissident voices (logic and reason), these plattforms are anything but sustainable - breaking down the very core of a healthy culture for any people on the way.

Time is limited. That time will be used trying to publish quality content on the most independent plattform avaliable - my own. That goes for both articles and videos, inspirational pictures, book announcements and meta-political comments. The few stars crossed in the sewers of social media will find their information anyway.

Concerning physical real books, these will still be published on Amazon, as the only present alternative, for the lowest possible cost for the buyer. Since Amazon is a monster, in the same category as the social media giants, you will always find everything digitally for free on this site.

Yes, the audience will be a lot smaller. That is fine. Good riddance. Quality over quantity.

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