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Surge in "mystery diseases"

Pay attention to your surroundings. Pay attention to what is actually happening with the great masses of sheep that have taken a gene therapy injection out of free will.... (yes, no one forced you, except your own stupidity, weakness and keeping your slave-job). Those who listen to their lying authorities, school book doctors and puppet journalists. We are already there that almost all know someone that now suffers for their stupidity. Well, there are a lot more to come....

This is just one, out of numerous examples. The scientists are baffled by a surging 25% increase in heart attacks this autumn. Why should anyone with more than half a functional brain cell be baffled over this?

You know, there is a main difference between sheep and people able to think for themselves. The sheep swallow a pre-prepped conclution and consensus, and then they cherry-pick the facts to fit this conclution. The people able to think for themselves question this pre-prepped conclution, and then they investigate all possible facts, from all kinds of sources, studies and statistics.

Based on this, they make their own conclution, and listen to their own gut feeling.

There are a few percent of such people in a population. But, around 90% are profitable cannon fodder for the drug lords and globalists, unfortunately.

Be prepared for a long winter. It will by all facts, figures and reason be a season of massive collapsing health and deaths.

We all get as deserved. Especially if you saw your own life and freedom less important than peer pressure, unplesant comments around the dinner table, the naging boomers or even a loss of your slave-job.

If you are one of those that have faith in the global system and all the lies force fed you; focus all your faith that my prediction is wrong instead. You will need it.

Update: As of 2. October (the day after this article was published) I see that the Norwegian Journal Steigan has written about the same, and if you read Norwegian please follow link:

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