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The Cult

We live in strange times. It is truly an epic time to be alive, and to watch the mechanisms of mass psychosis. A certain virus and its strains have really been speeding up this mechanism. Let us take a closer look at the official term of a cult. If you are able to apply it to and recognize it clearly in the masses of sheeple, it would by all means serve as proof of you being a sane individual.

1. Submission

Complete and almost unquestioned trust in the leadership.

Increased submission to the leadership is rewarded.

2. Control

Control of members actions and thinking through repeated indoctrination and/or threats of loss of salvation or a place to live or receiving curses from "God".

3. Indoctrination

The teachings of the group are repeatedly drilled into the members, but the indoctrination usually occurs around the ideas of having special knowledge of authority.

4. Isolation

Minimizing contact of cult members with those outside the group. This facilitates a further control over thinking and practices of members by the leadership.

5. Group-think

The group's coherence is maintained by the observants to policies handed down by those in authority. There is an increased internal enforcement of policies by members who reward proper behavior and those who perform properly are rewarded with further inclusion and acceptance by the group. There is an internal enforcement of policies by the members who reward proper behavior.

6. Cognitive Dissonance

Avoidance of critical thinking and maintaining logically impossible beliefs and/or beliefs that are inconsistent with other beliefs held by the group. Avoidance and/or denial of any facts that might contradict the group's belief system.


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