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The facts of race and police violence

In the article "The fear of being called a racist" I argued that there is no statistic evidence backing up anything regarding the "race war" kicked off by NGO´s and the clueless submissive and self hating zoombie sheeple we see in the US, and spreading elsewhere.

Did you know that:

  • 12% of the population in US are etnically Africans (blacks).

  • Far over 50% of murders are committed by blacks (the 12%).

  • Far over 50% of the murders are blacks killing blacks.

  • Blacks have thus 12% higher contact rate with the police (a very low figure).

  • Blacks have less risk of being shot in contact with the police than whites.

  • Whites have more than double the risk of being shot by the police.

  • There is no overrepresentation of violence towards blacks, regulated for the overrepresentation of crime committed by blacks, neither involving weapons or not.

  • The total amount of violence towards blacks from the police is on the contrary been heavily reduced since 2015 (when the research started) an every year since.

What upsets me the most, is not that blacks are fighting for their cause and interests - within their capabilities. It is the total insanity we see "from our own". The total submission for lies and propaganda. The laziness of not even getting the facts right, before you betray and bring false shame on your kin and ancestors. The total ignorance for whom all of this benefits.


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