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The fall of an Empire

We are truly witnessing a fall of an Empire these days. Yes, I am talking about the US, with all its provinces throughout the western world.

We are witnessing a charade, in a pool of degeneracy, fakery, corruption, propaganda and decay. The election was rigged - of course. All modern "democratic" elections are rigged. That is noting new. The "ruling class" always controls both sides - all puppets, and the average Joe fights in the streets. Paid provocateurs are set in, tactically and strategically to serve an agenda, stirr up, and swing the pendulum in a given direction. It is all rotten to the core. It is text book divide and conquer. The Q-movement is probably the biggest psyop in recent times, and the white American MAGAS have been led to the slaughterhouse. Trump is a zionist, and has always been. Never forget that.

Politically and in its basic form, you have the choice between a communist and a zionist. Is the one better than the other in the end? Hardly. You will end up with the same masters, those who control the money supply. If the scripts are communism or capitalism (or any other crypto combo), the end result will eventually accumulate the same power for the few. Thus, one can not support any of these blue or red candidates - for a number of reasons.

The positive thing with an Empire in free fall is that its ugly head shows. The corruption is exposed. The wrath of the people is exposed. The misallokations are exposed. The lies are exposed. The "cultural struggle" is exposed (the tendencies, not the causes). The non-existing freedom of speech is exposed. Further proofs on the endless list of failed multi cultural and multi ethnic societies are exposed. The public controlled narrative full of cracks is exposed. Mainstream journalism being a mere disease is exposed. NGO´s are exposed. Cowardice and greed are exposed. How little your vote matters are exposed. How the democracy being the pre-prepped "meny of choices" for you are exposed. How failed, corrupt, greedy and anti-human foreign relations and policy works - are exposed, and so on, and so on....

Trump supporters would perhaps call elements of this "the swamp". That swamp is deeper and more dirty than most can even fathom, and most are part of the problem. What one should support in all of this is the exposure of the rotten foundations of what is called "the greatest nation and democracy in the world". As of now, Trump is the only one contributing to exposure and not cover-up, with all his flaws. The good thing is, that we have probably seen nothing yet...

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