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The fear of being called a racist

Let us get things straight at once. The official definition of a racist is:

a person who shows or feels discrimination or prejudice against people of other races, or who believes that a particular race is superior to another.

Racist is a buzzword, thrown out from all angles and at every opponent of the new liberal "order" and often at persons that maybe would provide good arguments hard to contradict.

These days we see an accumulating push of the general "anti-racist agenda", in the aftermath of the death of Africans living in America under what is known as "police brutality". There are many interests linked up to these riots, from simple thiefs looking for something to loot, to NGO´s backed by billions of dollars to paint a mirage, to political interests, pure troublemakers, the anger of losers, victims of pure propaganda and so on. It is all mixed up in a chaos of despair - that a few benefit from, and normal people (the majority) suffers under. This unbalanced so called "racist police brutality" is not backed by any reliable statistic (there is brutality against white people too), but it is used as a spark to revolt, with a complex underlying foundation.

What is obvious from a logical and decent perspective, is that the anti-racist agenda is the most racist of all. The white native European population (including Europeans living in America) seems to be eternal submitted to the "original sind" of any possible ancestor, any historical event - either historically right or wrong (mostly wrong). Any movement named "White Lives Matter" is defined as "hate", while "Black Lives Matter" is praised. Even "All Lives Matter" is concidered racist. Submissive white people (even the police) is "taking a knee" because Jewish ships arrived at the US shores with slaves for their plantations in New Israel. It is all so absurd, that it becomes comical, in a tragic way...

Well, back to the definition of "Racist";

I would argue that every healthy human being, of any race, is racist. It is the most natural thing in the world. Ask yourself these questions:

Do you not care more for your own children than others?

Do you not care more for your family than others?

Do you not care more for your kin than others?

If you are from Africa: Do you not care more for your fellow Africans than for Europeans?

If you are from Europe: Do you not care more for your fellow Europeans than for Africans?

Of course you do. If you are not sick.

...and by doing that, you naturally discriminate. If you as an African care more for your fellow Africans, you are not only discriminating, but you also have prejudice. It is the most natural thing in the world, and it is nothing wrong with it. If it was not so, you would probably not be walking on this planet right now. It is all basic survival instincts.

Why is it so, that if you watch mainstream news and see a major long lasting reportage of something meaningless at your local level, then followed by a 5 second short report of a hundred killed on the other side of the globe (if it is even reported) is all "natural"?

Then, we have the superiority question in the definition;

Individuals are different. They come in all types, in every race - but race is not a social construct. Secondly, there are differences, both physical and mental. Quite significant differences, generally speaking. Differences that have been shaped through thosuands of years in the process of natural selection and natural habitats. All that leads us to culture. And culture eats modern systems for breakfast.

A native Congolese would be superior to a native Norwegian in Kongo. Without a modern and artificial civilization, without constant shades, sun block, air conditioning, modern logistic systems and the physical abilities like short muscle fibers and low fat percentage to naturally get food; the Norwegian would soon die, if he did not move back to his natural habitat.

A native Norwegian would be superior to a native Congolese in Norway. Without a modern and artificial civilization, without constant artificial supply of D-vitamins, heating, modern logistic systems, high fat percentage and long muscle fibers to get food, and the mental ability and culture to plan and have foresight; the Congolese would very soon die, of hunger and disease, if he did not move back to his natural habitat.

So, I am not a white supremacist. But, I argue that a native Scandinavian is superior in Scandinavia. That is all. And, best of all, Mother Nature agrees with me.

The fight against the so called "racism" is doomed to fail. You have to remember that the problematic issues with "racism" occurs in multi cultural societies, ergo; in unnatural societies. You can use the coming years to read the worlds written history the last 3 000 years. You will find no examples of functional multi cultural societies. Not a single one. What you will find is decay, turmoil, blood, genocide and desert... The multi cultural project has failed, and it was always a failure.

Everyone likes their own best, and that should come to no ones surprise.

What allows a multi cultural population to even artificially exist, and to revolt, loot, use violence, destroy and protest - is the gouvernment and institutions they think they revolt against. Such a society needs first and foremost compliant slaves.

If we return to the somewhat 3 000 years of written history, you will find no bigger paradox than what we are witnessing these days....

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