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The French Puppet Show

All of the analyzes from the French presidental election are everywhere. The establishment draws a sigh of relief - at least a "right wing extremist" did not become the next president. Well, who could imagine another outcome? Really.

The intricate system of the powers that be would never let it happen. It would never allow the promises of Marine Le Pen to pass anyhow.

For those that still believe in modern political systems; you have to understand that you have no real representation. None. You have to understand that the real gouvernment is the central banks. The rest is bread and circus. If you want to know who you in fact are ruled by, do some research on your own - on who owns and controls the central banks. We can reveal before you even start your research, that the ownership is not by sovereign nations, but it is in fact very internationalist tribal.

What is interesting from the French Puppet Show is not that Macron "won" the election. What is interesting is that 1 out of 3 did not even participate in this Puppet Show. They did not bother to vote. This group makes up the absolute biggest political party in France, and growing, as in many countries around Europe. It is an increasing group, the only one politicians actually care about and monitor the most. It is in fact, paradoxically, the group with the most influence,

Secondly, what is interesting is that the anti-globalist movement in France never have been bigger or more significant. You can argue that perhaps 2/3 are sick and tired of the loss of freedom and sovereignty, mandates of all kinds, inflation of fiat currency, enrichments of the same tribe that makes up the central banks, mentally ill culture wars and centralized unelected dark suit globalists.

That is a good thing.

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