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The German Holocaust

Most people would propably take this article as an unreservedly support of Germany and the axis powers in the last world war, because of the title only. Some will hopefully read with a more open mind and watch carefully, and come to the conclution that the old saying still is more relevant than ever: "in war, the truth is always the first victim". The most important thing is that you use your own brain, investigate the real documented evidence and maybe realize that everything you have been told may not be true.

Are you tired of the constant indoctrination of how bad and evil the Germans were (and are)? Are you tired of the constant indoctrination of all the allied losses of WWII - and especially the eternal guilt and shame of the alleged 6 000 000 Jews killed in German concentration camps? Are you tired of this one-sided narrative, that has been a strategical, tactical, sofisticated and effectice financial, political and even religious move - infiltrating all layers of society since 1945? Are you tired of the eternal victim - das ewige Opfer - untouchable, entitled to everything? Even "Lebensraum" in unrightfull expulsions of others? Are you tired of the fact that lies travel faster than truth, and that the latter has been hidden from us up to this very day?

Well, you are probably not alone...

We will not use time and energy here arguing against the story exclusively written by the victors of WWII. You probably know this story all too well - after having it hammered through your skull over the many years of gouvernmental education. What we instead will provide is some facts you probably have missed. Facts that have been hidden from us - partly or as a whole.

First of all, it should be stressed that WWII was a tragedy for Europe. It was a brother war. It was a war, mainly due to the fact that a German Nation arose from the ashes from WWI and sprung out to be a unified and all too strong Reich - for the powers that be. She was detaching herself from the internationalists - the banksters, became independent and too self-sufficient and thus broke the spell of the globalist bankers elite. That was actually the worst "crime" Germany could possible commit - and was the main reason the same entity declared war against her.

Judea (the united Jewry) declares war on Germany and boycott of German goods in March 1933.

The third Reich capitulated voluntarily the 8th of May 1945 - and the bombings of German cities are well known. The bombings of Dresden and its horrors stretched throughout Germany and her cities. The targets were mainly elderly, women and children. Millions of civilians were burned to death and blown to pieces.

The accumulating conferences of the allied nations would now decide the destiny of not only the National Socialists, but the German nation as a whole - her women, children and unborn. When the Soviets invaded from the east - children were shot, the women raped and killed en mass and the men either captured for death camps or liquidated after seeing their loved ones mutulated and murdered.

Please watch the video below, a first hand source from a Russian veteran of what happened to German civilians in 1945:

To this, Winston Churchill stated;

"My heart is saddened by the tales of the masses of German women and children flying along the roads everywhere in 40-mile long columns to the West before the advancing Russian armies. I am clearly convinced they deserve it..."

By June in 1945 there were at least 4 000 000 Germans in the allied death camps. Yes, they were indeed death camps, worse than the allied descriptions of Bergen Belsen, with higher death rates. The prisoners (both prisoners of war but also women and children) were not fed - and the few rations some got, were cut down to nothing by design, to increase the death rates. There were no shelters - and almost all of them died. German civilians (women and children) trying to bring something to eat for their relatives were shot at sight - after clear orders. Men, women, pregnant women, elderly, infants and small children were held prisoners in these death camps.

More than 5 000 000 Germans were put in the death camps of the American and French zones of the divided Germany. 25% of these prisoners died the fist month of captivity.

It was the intent from the allies, to kill off as many unarmed Germans as possible. The amount of Germans killed in 1945 far exceeded the amount of killed at the hands of the Germans in Western Europe as a whole from 1941-1945 (from the allied own calculations).

In 1946 - 750 000 surrendered German soldiers had been killed in French and American death camps, and the Geneva convention rules for prisoners of war of 1929 were erased by the stroke of a pen. Approximately the same amount were killed in the Soviet death camps of Stalin. They were all buried in mass graves by bulldozers - after sleeping in mud holes, with no sanitation, dying of exhaustion, disease, starvation and pure liquidations. Buried with no name, with no chance to even send a letter to their families, if alive.

From 1945-1948 there were 18 000 000 German refuges, and 6 000 000 of them died in the unhuman expulsions from earlier German areas by the allies. Germany was divided into a British zone, a French zone, an American zone and a Soviet zone (Eastern Germany). The foundation of the allied Magenthau plan was to erase Germany as a whole, including her people and her spirit.

Germany must perish was published by the Jew Theodore N. Kaufman in 1941. The book outlines how the German people must be genocided, sterilized and her territories broken down.

The foundation of the Magenthou plan of the allies was to destroy Germanys industry, and the plan calculated that the wanted and wishfull effect would be the death of an additional 20 000 000 German civilians, and that this was necessary to destroy the German people and her soul.

Primo 1945 Eisenhover reported that there were 5 224 310 German prisoners in allied death camps in Northwest Europe only. Many more were imprisoned in North America. The US reported in late 1945 of 7 005 732 prisoners in their death camps in Northwest Europe alone. The Soviet death camps reported an amount of 1 248 000 prisoners. Very few of them survived, and were bulldozed nameless into mass graves as garbage human skeletons.

Do not for a second believe that the death camps of Eisenhover, Churchill and Stalin were anything better than the worst horror stories you have been told by the same side - from Auswitch and Birkenau in your one-sided school books. The allied nations were responsible for the biggest crimes in known human history. This is not wishfull thinking. It is a fact - a fact you must know about. They actually projected, times ten, the worst possible crimes they accused the Germans of - and had nothing that resembled any moral high ground, but indeed the contrary.

And, to this day many endorse this. Celebrate it. The criminals are canonized as heroes, and everyone questioning this narrative inbeded in all layers of the western world and societies - are deemed "evil nazis". Well, are we? Let us take a look at gullable Norway for example;

Nasjonal Samling (NS) was a significant movement in the country - and far bigger in support than any of the single political parties represented in todays parliament. Some counties in the country had more than 50% support for NS. The vast majority of counties had more than 15%. NS reached its peak in 1943 - three years after the Danish King of Norway and the whole gouvernment fled for their own safety to London and left the Norwegian natives in limbo. The peak support of NS was three years into the occupation. When Germany began to struggle in 1943/1944 - the resistance movement was formed. Not before - as we are often led to believe. Every native Norwegian family has an NS history of some form (close or more distant, known or kept hidden in all quietness). Many families have members from the SS Division Wiking on the Eastern Front. Many regular citizens fled to the "right side" when the wind turned at the end of the war.

In 1945 the individuals of the resistance movement were canonized as heroes. Paradoxically, the same individuals making up the resistance movement at the end of the war fought against the Soviet Bolsjevik Communists in the Finnish Winter War from 1939-1940 - shoulder to shoulder with their anti-communist Finnish brothers - with weapons, anti-tanks and supplies provided by Adolf Hitler and the NSDAP. One can argue that the resistance movement and NS/SS had a common ground in 1939. There is, thus, no suprise that the Norwegian NS and SS Division Wiking were as present as anybody else in supporting the Finns in the anti-communist Winter War, supported by the Germans.

Norway "surfed" through WWII generally speaking. We had a total population of 2 953 028 in 1940. 10 262 Norwegians in total died during the war, both abroad, domestic, on sea and land - on both sides. 0,3% of the population died as a direct consequence of the war. 2 000 soldiers of the Norwegian Army died during the years of the occupation. If we can draw a "bold" comparison of today - Covid 19 is both more lethal and far more freedom stealing than the German occupation ever was in this country.

If we had not been occupied by the Germans, we would have been occupied by the British. It was all prepared, with their mines laid out in our Fjords. When we know what the British were capable of doing - and especially to NS-friendly populations unoccupied by the Kaufmans & Co. - Norwegians should be very glad the victors of the war did not secure Festung Norwegen first. Our destiny here would have been darker, rest assured.

Luckily - now, after 76 years, an increasing amount of Europeans are coming to the conclution that the official history of the second world war needs to be re-written in a balanced and correct way. More and more are coming to the conclution that this immense hatred towards Germans and everything Germanic is still present amongst the powers that be. It is even intensified in our time - in the form of a soft war of propaganda and thought-policing - in an all encompassing anti-white enviroment. The blatant projections and lies from WWII are still used against any pride, love and prosperity for any Germanic roots - all from demographics, freedom of speech to our pagan heritage and freedoms.

Do not fall for it. Have no shame.

Now, please make up your own mind who the silent, most numerous and most suffering victims of this tragedy are.


Notes on sources:

The figures of killed Germans are collected from the book Other Losses - an investigation into the mass deaths of German prisoners at the hands of the French and Americans after World War II by James Bacque, where all the figures are documented in great detail, from several sources, above any shadow of doubt.

Other sources:

Valgresultater Storting og Kommune 1933, 1934, 1936 og 1937.

Nasjonal Samling (NS): Generalsekretariatets møteprotokoll 1934–1945.

Statistisk Sentralbyrås befolkningsutvikling.

Statistisk Sentralbyrås oversikt over dødsfall i krigsårene.

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