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The Mind Virus

It is becoming tiresome to write on the virus, the biggest official single case of our times. But, it is important, because the consequences are so immense for freedom loving fellow men. There was no big surprise that a new variant occured, just in time - when the powers that be was beginning to "loose the grip". That is what happens when you mass "vaccinate" in the middle of a "pandemic", all according to plan. This variant, only one of the first amongst many, many more to come - weaponized with fear and deceit by the globalists.

The so-called vaccines do not work. Of course they do not. Not for any so-called variant. WHO has now warned that the Omikron so-called variant of the virus by chance can cause the exact same negative health effects as the adverse effects of the so-called vaccines. Yes, Omikron and its children will be spread all over the place, globally, and people will die from heart disease, blood cloths and the rest of the list of the adverse death shot effects. This, at the same time that even more people are fooled with fear and deceit into taking more of the death shots and boosters, not working, into eternity, and entering the status of becoming an AIDS patient. How convenient.... This not only smells, but reeks of a cover up.

If people are not awake now, they will never be. The Corona passports will be implemented domestic and abroad - for no health function at all. They will be forced through, either by compliance or force, by lies, fear and deceit - and "average Joe" will probably comply to make his life more easy, and close his eyes to this utter madness - in continious circle.

Why? Who would possible benefit from this? The usual suspects, If you have not already noticed, we are in the middle of a paradigm shift. Some people call this a collapse. No, it is not related to health. It is related to control. The Fiat Debt Based system is dead, and have been dead for a very long time. There will be implemented a new monetary system, a digital one. In order to change the current system, you will need that digital "passport". If you wonder what this "Corona Passport" has with this to do, you only have to take a brief look at China, and the plans for the global leaders. This passport - introduced by todays injections, will develop into a social credit score, your total finances, taxes, carbon taxes, your enviromental footprints, medical history, your injections, the demand of future injections, compliant ratio, credits, punishments and tracking. Yes, everything, centralized - in total control of your gouvernment. Along the way we will see a reduction necessary for the worlds population.

This will take a few years, but the stage is set.

The only thing that can stop this is public non compliance. If the global population does not say stop by non compliance and refusal to submit to fear and lies - we will all loose our freedoms and enter the Orwells 1984 on steroids.

What a complete moron and a conspiracy theorist! - you might say? Well, look at the other posts concerning this subject below, from the last almost two years, of predictions and jugde for yourself. Be free to judge this as a crazy conspiracy as well - and if it turns out to be, I will be the first to say I was wrong. But, the fact is - if I am wrong, it is only because the people of the nations stood up for their freedoms and took the temporary consequences for our children.


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