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The multi ethnic and multi cultural Vikings

Not long ago some "esteemed scientists" from the Uppsala Uni made the groundbreaking discovery of a piece of clothing with embroideries. They thought one embroidery looked like a Muslim symbol, and made the conclution that some Vikings for sure believed in Allah. They were in fact Muslims, they said. You can either choose to laugh or cry, because it sounds like a bad joke, but it is in fact a hostile one, and an attempt to lie for a propaganda purpose. For more about that specific case, read this article in Norwegian language: Politisk "forskning" om Muslimske Vikinger.

Scientists today are worth nothing, and they prove it again and again. Scientists who have their paper published and their work credited, are agenda-driven. Always.

Now, some new "scientific" reports were just released. They were just as stupid and blatantly biased as always. Here is one example of an article from the "groundbreaking results":

Some few samples have been analyzed, from the period before and under "the Viking era" or in what they call "the Viking world". Some articles sum up these results more biased than others - but the main red thread is;

History must be re-written! The Vikings were not blond! They were mixed! They were a multi cult gang from all over the world, south of Europe, Asia and what not!

First of all, you have to understand that science like this, and especially the media outlets that write about them are marxist sponsored. They have one main objective, and that is to de-construct everything ethnic and traditional that do not fit into the political narrative.

Secondly, you have to use common sense. Ony the dumbest of the dumb beleive this kind of blatant propaganda.

Ethnic Skandinavians (yes, those who actually come from Scandinavia) have an overwhelming physical presence of blond hair (light, dark, ash, dirty shades of blond) and blue eyes (steel blue, dark blue, grey). I remind you, ethnic Skandinavians TODAY have these traits as the absolute majority.

So, then you are suppose to believe what the scientists and the hostile media are telling you:

That Scandinavians only 25 generations ago were mixed and in general did not look like ethnic Scandinavians do today? That our traits, being non-dominant, have changed from all dominant to non-dominant in under 25 generations? We suddenly went blond and blue eyed?

This is simply not possible. The headlines are laughable. And, the agenda is clear as day.

If dark hair and brown eyes were a normal thing in Scandinavia a thousand years ago (even a noticable portion of the native population) - I have news for you:

We would probably all have dark hair and brown eyes today.

If one should recommend any relevant education of any formal type, I would suggest to pick out a basic biology book written before the religion of relativism and multi culturalism. But, I warn you - you can be offended. Just like matemathics, it can sound racist...

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