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The Scapegoat Covid-19

In April this year I wrote this post: Is Covid-19 a Conspiracy?

If you have not read it, please do.

Like the conclusion of the post speculate; the most dangerous thing that will come from this virus is the globalist elite and our corrupt gouvernments moves towards our enslavement. This crisis is now used for all that it is worth to intensify the globalist agenda. They never let a good crisis go to waste.

Some demonstrators across the west are beginning to "sense" this. In Germany they demonstrate by the tens of thousands. Many of them probably because they no longer can go to the cinemas or have a party, others in a vague revolt towards the system.

But, where were all these protesting Germans the last time these same globalists opened up the gates of Germany and Europe for Africa, Vest Asia and the Middle East in 2015 and onwards? Why did they not take to the streets then? How did they not see the same writing on the wall? How can they not see that it was only a stepping stone of the same agenda?

This is the overview of the new (actually old) strategy of the world leaders in Davos and the World Economic Forum. It is a plan towards a dystopian world, where you are barcoded and tracked from top to bottom and beyond. It is a propaganda blue-print of the social credit score of the Chinese Communist Party.

Covid-19 is now used as a scapegoat to implement UN Agenda 2030 via World Economic Forum and the other globalist entities. You will have your UN defined "human rights" intact, but only if you comply to the system. Do not be suprised if you choose to use your human right to not get a Covid-19 vaccine, but in the other end are restricted to move, to travel, to use public services etc. It is coming, for sure.

Covid-19 is used to implement what is named "The Great Reset". You can watch for yourself in the videos below. They are not published via any conspiracy theorists - but are from the source and the globalists themselves.

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