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The un-scholar criticism (cesspool drama) - Varg Vikernes, the Cachets

It has been brought to my attention that a new Twitter drama has unfolded. The main character in this drama is me, thus unable to even comment on the case, unless I enter that cesspool once again. Something I will not do. This drama is about my argued lack of sources for my old texts from 2017.

Odelsarven is no longer on social media and Twitter, due to reasons already explained before here:

The accusations come from the Cachets, and how the texts in the book Our Traditions are not properly sourced in their favour. These accusations have lately developed into what they themselves perhaps would call ad-hominems on a platform I discarded and are no longer a part of.

As readers of this blog are well aware, the texts are published online for free and later published in physical books. This is also the case for the book Our Traditions in all its different formats, but with identical content.

The texts from the book Våre Tradisjoner (Our Traditions) in Norwegian were first published online on this early blog from 2017. These texts were gathered together and published in physical format in the book Våre Tradisjoner (Our Traditions) in Norwegian language the 28th of August 2018. Every word in the book is identical to the earliest blog posts, and all the sources were the same as they are shown online here, to this day.

One article that caught the attention a few days ago and named “plagiarism” without sources, is a separate blog post re-published recently, identical to the blog post in Norwegian back in 2017, identical to the chapter in Våre Tradisjoner published in 2018, identical to the chapter in Our Traditions published this year, with the same sources. This separate re-published blog post being an identical extract from the chapter in the book Our Traditions in all its formats with the same sources, tells of our Yule traditions. If I went online and searched for texts of pagan Yule, I would probably be very busy in finding numerous articles and blog posts that “plagiarize” each other. I could probably very soon pick out somebody to accuse and discredit if it suited me to do so. Why? Because these are OUR TRADITIONS. The article Vetrasólhvarf og Jól - hva Kristmesse egentlig er (the article that caught the attention a few days ago, in the English but identical version, identical in Våre Tradisjoner / Our Traditions) was published in October 2017. That is the reason the source is the French version of Cachet´s book. The English version was not even yet published.

The first “edition” of Våre Tradisjoner (Our Traditions) in Norwegian got updated with a complete list of sources a few days after it was published in 2018. This is even updated and informed in the description of the book online. It is correct that Vikernes in a reply on a comment on a former YT video of his own pointed out that it missed his sources – but to use this fact to describe that he "arrested me" and made me update the sources is not the truth. The truth is that it was updated before the first even written word with him ever on this YT comment section. A comment not even directed to me personally, but to others. Unfortunately that comment section is deleted together with that YT channel now.

Shortly after Våre Tradisjoner (Our Traditions) in Norwegian language was published, it caught the attention of Thulean Perspective (the former channel of Varg Vikernes). In a video the book was recommended and I was personally invited and challenged in the video to make a YT channel and start to produce videos, because he “needed some support”. They had been taking “a lot of heat lately” as described in other videos. In other videos later, the book was promoted as well. Both the book and my YT videos were promoted extensively. Even in a book review video it was classified as “excellent” by the same person who stated that he never had an opinion of a book without having read it.

During the period from 2018 and until 2020 I was constantly asked directly or indirectly to translate the book to English. Thus, earlier this year it was published. The English edition is identical to the Norwegian edition, and the sources are the same and listed the same way. I remind you that the individual blog posts, both in Norwegian and English with the complete list of sources are all the same – back to 2017.

The book Våre Tradisjoner was more than good enough to “prove” that “one had all the sources needed” in the online battles. It was used against other scholars that criticized the animistic view of our myths and heritage. I defended that view then, and I defend it now. Nothing said then, is anything I do not say today.

In addition to Our Traditions in all its formats and identical content, I have published two other booklets in the same series, namely Norwegian Fairy Tales. In the first booklet of the series, three external sources besides the tales themselves and a dictionary are listed and the Cachets make up two of them. They are listed under inspiration, because they inspired to interpret local Norwegian Fairytales no known authors have intepreted before. The accusation that they are not mentioned are lies or misunderstandings. When other sources are used, as for example in continuations of the series, they will be mentioned there.

I care only for one thing, and that is to communicate our heritage to those receptable for it. I care not for money or prestige. I care not who communicate our heritage the best, and I have no problem saying that others do it better than me. I never asked for any support. I have never asked for any credits, and never will. From no one. Neither do I have any issues to give credit where credit is due.

Marie Cachet has provided a very valuable and waterproof key to understand and interpret myths and fairy tales. For this reason, her work is sourced, and her work has been supported by me all along. Therefore, this work is sourced both in the list online and in physical books.

There is expressed “disappointment” the last few days due to lack of sources and credit thereof. To me, that is no less than absurd. It is truly absurd when the identical material is used and promoted by the same behind the critics since 2018, also and especially for their own benefit. All books, including the fairy tales series, have been promoted by the critics up to this day. I have no problem with that, but I do have a problem when things become unfair and dishonest. I have a problem with - when it seems suitable – to whine and demand that credits should be edited in on already known, used and promoted material by the same demanders for years - on social media, behind your back. It is outright ridiculous. I have a problem when people show bi-polar tendencies.

Lastly, I have a problem seeing that former enemies gather together, at my cost, to continue their attacks of the people I know as good.

Below you find the sources mentioned above.

From the book Våre Tradisjoner published 2018;

From the book Our Traditions published in 2020;

Footnotes in the books Våre Tradisjoner and Our Traditions;

From the Norwegian Fairy Tale Series;

From the list of sources online, below every single online post;

Below you will find only some of the promoting videos mentioned above - the year after the book was published.

One of many "promo tweets", this one from the 6th of December 2019. One and a half years after Our Traditions first was read and promoted by the Cachets. The question of why they promoted books and writings that they themselves two years later classify as "plagiarism" stands unanswered.

Our Allodial Heritage - from February 3 - 2019:

Why do I think I know better than you (prick perspective) from February 8 - 2019:

The land of the Pagans from February 14 - 2019:

WTF! Reading books is my will and you question it? From February 15 - 2019:

Under Attack! (Fylgjan lífsíns tré) from June 13 - 2019:

The POISON of the MERCHANT from June 15 - 2019:

Varg Vikernes BANNED from YT (Marie Cachet) from December 2019:

I wish you all a happy Yuletide!

It is the time for wishes, but we normally all get as deserved.

I trust that you can add this up for yourself, and make up your own mind about those who claim to be the beacons of pagan virtue.

Thank you for reading.


Relevant note and a kindly reminder:

The classic communist peak propaganda tool for control and own gain has always been to first use peoples good intentions for certain actions - and then frame them for it later. It is a text book subversion strategy.

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