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The Wild Boars are coming!

This MSM headline from Norway is:

Wild Boars in Norway - what now?

If you did not already know, man is not above Nature. The industrial scale agri farmers are screaming in fear, because their depleted civilized corn fields now face a new threat. The evil Boar that will destroy everything. Even your white loaf you queue up for at the concrete grocery store will be gone! Their imported Asian slaves will not be able to pick anything, because the evil Wild Boar will eat it all... The gouvernment must step in!

Wild Boars in Norway are nothing new. In the bronze age, the country was packed with Wild Boars from Trøndelag in the north and all the way down. Actually, the main source of meat in Rogaland and Hordaland was Wild Boar (the furthest west you can possible get, away from the continent).

Naturally, in this period of history, the climate was slightly warmer - actually more like southern part of France. We had more forest, more oak and leaf trees. Our neighbour in the east, Sweden, only had a very few Wild Boars only 15 years ago. Now, they are all over - walking and swimming across the border to Norway. In Sweden up to 200 000 Wild Boars are hunted every year, and the Wild Boar population is rapidly growing, and doubles every third year.

We are getting a climate more adjusted to the one we had in the bronze age, thus the Wild Boar is returning, and the leaf trees as well. We are in a cyclus of pre-ice age, and the ice age eventually will come.

As a Wild Boar hunter, as a Nature lover, a pagan, and as a dissident of the political man made climate change hoax - I could not be more happy with the ancient threaths that lure around the corner. Our dear Battle Pig is back charging in the forests.

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