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Vaccine Nation #1

This human world is driven by fear and greed. The last year, so called "based" people have been asking themselves and others why Israel is the most vaccinated population in the world, and why they pushed this experimental untested gene-therapy the most? Why against "themselves" and by "themselves"?

Well, suprise - the world is not only black and white, you know...

We can all see now, in real time, and with even the official data alone - that not only did they buy up everything of the serum they could get their hands on first - striking direct inside billion dollar deals, shot up their population not only twice, but three times and counting to four shots and beyond; with record break-through infection rates, record numbers in hospitals, and dead serious side-effects they only have seen the very beginning of.

If you put yourself above Nature - in all your blind greed - and try to engineer her: you will pay the price. It is as simple as that...

It is a paradox that the case study itself for the fatal consequences and the fact that the so called vaccines do not solve anything - will be the artificial state of Israel. The country every western nation of puppets and sheep looked to....

As of 18th of October 2021 the official figures make the conclution. It will end in disaster;


*serum: an amber-colored, protein-rich liquid that separates out when blood coagulates, in this case a colorless liquid in the form of a DNA coctail of toxic spike protein, snapping your DNA and wander through your body and causing all kinds of negative effects.

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