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Weaponized Fear

Not only are the so-called vaccines (Gene Therapy Russian Roulette Death Shots) weaponized in this so called pandemic of corona viruses - but it all started with the weaponized fear. When you have a population that have enough fear, you easily control and herd them. You can do, or rather make them do to themselves, the most crazy and cognitive dissonant things.

It is a thousand years or so ago, when the Christian plague reached our lands. It came with fear, sweet talk, bribery and the attemps of a soft coup. It developed into snitching, forced conversions, brute force, torture, the accumulating end of all freedoms, power grab and enrichment of corrupt elites. It ended in cohersion, mandates, killings, kidnapping of children and civil war.

Today, people are so dumbed down that they actually believe that they can artificially combat viruses, live forever and change the weather and cosmos. In order to become that stupid, you have to live in fear and be long termed exposed to propaganda. The powers that be are very well aware of this fact.

Now, let us look to some Norwegian facts once again. I remind you that the gouvernment here has just implemented (by their new law, directly in conflict with our constitution) the "green pass" - more known as the Corona-passport. It makes it possible to segregate those that have a higher integrity and intelligence level without the injected death shot - from those that have. The freedoms and human rights of those with a higher intelligence level are stripped away to "protect" the dumbed down and conditioned masses that are injected with the death shot. To top it all, the gouvernment admits that the so-called vaccines do not protect the way they thought they would. The next argument to implement it was to make the everyday life more difficult for the unvaccinated, and thus make them submit. Simultainiously they told everyone over 18 years of age to take the booster shot as soon as possible. Yes, more of the death shots that do not work. More of the same. Only imbeciles that live in total fear can be so stupid to go a long with such nonsense. But, this is not about health you see. For your precious "green pass" to stay green, there are at least 6 more shots to come - and if you are still alive with any sort of health left - the passport will be a green pass of much more, summed up with a "peasant obidience ratio".

It is argueable, was Norway a free nation during the winther of 2017/2018 pre Covid-19? Compared to 2020/2021 it was. If we say that the flu season starts from 1. September; the amount of 1 671 people more can die before we have reached the amount of people that died from the flu virus (yes, ordinary flu is a corona virus) the winter of 2017/2018. During the whole "Covid-19 pandemic" less than one thousand have died with or from the virus. When we compare; this "pandemic" is half as dangerous and half as mortal than the flu we have every winter, contracted by most of the city slickers.

The powers that be are very well aware of this fact too.

Now you constantly hear that the hospitals are filled up with Covid-19 patients, supressing the treatment of other patients. This is to keep you in fear. If you are not an imbecil, you will understand that a normal flu winter generates twice as many patients. You know, the times pre Covid - in the old days, when twice as many dead did not even reach the headlines or implemented more tyranny than during times of war.

There is one truth to the fear of overloads in the hospitals the coming winter. But, that is the type of fear that could be legitimate, thus colliding with the political agenda; the fact that the hospitals are and will be filled up with the consequences of injected spike protein via the needle of the modern scientists and assistants.


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