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Þórr on the stones

The God Þórr is amongst our Gods one of the most significant. With his many travels and adventures in our myths, with his iron glove, hammer, his belt of strength, his two goats, his helpers Þjalfi and Rǫskva and his companion Loki.

The meaning of his name, in all his “kennings”, in all his attributes and recognitions Þórr represents a number of things, but with strong common denominators - all depending on which physical and meta-physical level we are dealing with. The myths and stories of Þórr are thus multi-dimmentional, but they all relate to the same natural patterns. The science of Nature.

Þórr is;

The unborn child

The redeeming child

The one that re-incarnates

Your loyalty

Your willpower

Your physical strength

Your determination

Your life force and honor

The idol of the iron age farmer

Son of Jörð


Electrical voltage

Electric circuit to soil


The powers of weather, wind and growth

The planet Jupiter

Thus, Þórr is not a physical God in human shape. His wife Síf is all his powers in feminine force, like man and wife on a human level, like traditional roles complement each other.

If we take a closer look at the oldest depictions of Þórr, like this rock carving from Scandinavia dating back thousands of years prior to the Viking era (even some pre-dating the fetish of the false indo-European invations) , we will recognize all his important attributes.

But, few are able to put them togehter in a pattern.

Here, we see Þórr as "the horned one". Yes, he is the chosen one, the one that will re-incarnate. The one posessing the "crown", the antlers, the key to the realm of death and back again - he is the new King.

In his hand he holds Mjǫlnir, his hammer, his stone - his very life force, his heart. The heart that always returns to him pounding when he re-incarnates.

In the other hand he holds the rein of his chariot. The symbol of the chariot is the placenta in our myths, and he is attached to it, riding it - holding the rein, the very symbol of the umbilical cord.

He is pulled forward by a goat. Cloved animals, and especially goats, are connected to Jörð, but also to the meta-physical. That is why they are the attributes of Þórr. The goats are the avatar of adrenaline - that sparks off the process and sets things in motion. Loki himself holds this symbolism as well.

In front of him, we see the snake. The symbol of the beast that has to be overcomed and slain. In other words, the same symbol as the serpent Þórr always fights and kills. Like every child is cut free, seperating it from the prior self, the twin, the old King, the devourer of the mother, the physical and meta-physical feeder - the placenta in science.

So, you will never see Þórr riding his chariot over the skies, throwing the hammer at Ettins and Trolls, I am afraid. Only modern and broken human beings believe so. On the contrary, the reality of our Gods is far better than that. They are you, and they are timeless pagan science.



In Scandinavia a chariot is, and has always been, completely useless for all practical means. Our landscape is covered with bogs, stones, rivers, fjords, lakes, mountains and deep forests. The chariot is symbolic, of course.

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