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Did the Vikings rape?

If you have been listening to your scholars, if you have ever been told anything about the Vikings in public school or watched any lie propaganda TV-show, you have been told that the Vikings first and foremost raped and looted. For some fundamental background information, please read this article first: The origin of our traditions and Christianity´s influence on these.

As we know today, rape was the most dishonorable crime you could possible commit in our Norse tribal societies. Such criminals were either outlawed (anyone could kill them without any consequence, to restore balance) or they were killed swiftly and placed in a bog (to be forgotten, and for hygiene purposes of the tribe).

Thus, we naturally have no sources of "raping Vikings". Not a single one. It is a huge paradox when all we hear from scholars is the eternal need for sources to even make a perfectly logical statement or conclusion.

The Vikings, yes, they destroyed Christian scholars, monasteries and structures of harm and threat to the free pagan Scandinavia (and Europe). The Christians wrote it all down, but there is no record of any rape.

The St. Bertin Annals is the main source for the Vikings preemptive attacks towards the Christians - and it is not containing a single word of rape by the Vikings. The annals describe, however, two occations of rape attempts. These two episodes involved the Christian Franks that raped (or tried to rape) a nun and two other women of high social rank. In all cases, the women fled to the Vikings for their protection.

That is all we have, amongst the sources for several hundred preemptive attacks towards the Christians, and some in detail.

And, if you want to read more about the Christians raping poor women, later protected by our honorable pagan ancestors, read the entire St. Bertin-Annals, and the commentary of J. Nelson, op. cit: 47 and C. Krag, op. cit. 1996: 11.

As we all know, the Christians wrote it all down. They wrote just about everything as downgrading they could about our ancestors. If there was one, just one "Viking rape" - be assured that they would have painted the annals and all their history books with it, from top to bottom.

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