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The Gold of Jylland

The last days, there have been exciting news from a huge finding of a gold treasure in Denmark. The treasure is about one kilo of gold, found with a metal detector, not long ago. It was probably buried in a traditional long house more than 1 500 years ago. The excavation is still ongoing, and the final results are still to be published.

But, as we can already see from the results so far - we are dealing with a fantastic and most of all symbolic find, from Iron Age Scandinavia.

The Runes are the oldest (elder futhark) - proto Nordic, and one bracteate clearly shows what every reader of this site already is quite familiar with.

The Runes - Wōdanaz (Óðinn) with the heiti/kenning "the high one".

(houaR - ᚺᛟᚢᚨᛉ), read in proto- Nordic tradition from right to left.

Depicted - riding a horned horse with the swastika above, the eagle/falcon/raven in front, with what resembles a crown - carved out on eternal metal reflecting the sun.

We also see the almost identical type of bracteate found in Djupbrunns Sweden here.

Over the "crown" of Wōdanaz we find the same runes - related to alu, alu laukaR. (Alu God).

Let us see what the scholars will come up with in their interpretations for the rest of the runes and the find in total.

I believe you can solve this quite easily, and better, without any scholar degree.

*Hint: ancestral cult and re-incarnation.

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