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The sacrifice of Týr

Týr is known as the "sky father". He is the ancestor impersonated. He is the equivalent of Óðinn (your accumulated ancestors in you). He is sacrificed - the one hand - through the wolf Fenrír, and is killed by the wolves at Ragnarök, the same way Fenrír will eat Óðinn.

He sacrifices his one arm (he holds Sól (the sun) and Máni (the moon)) - and this symbolic sacrifice is the same as Óðinn did with his one eye, in the well of Mimír.

The deity Týr represents amongst other things - but all related; balance.

The fact that one arm is sacrificed equals the imbalance, the one thing this deity does not represent. Imbalance will always be balanced out, in all patterns and processes.

The son of Óðinn, Váli, avenges by killing Fenrír (slaying the beast) - only "one day of age". He is the "child". So, Váli is the incarnated Týr/Óðinn, slaying the beast, in the normal mythic style. Váli establishes balance.

Both Týr and Óðinn are in the myths connected to wolves. These mythological animals of winter are connected to the moon (the egg), fertility and re-productive cycles. Rememeber the tales of the werewolfs? The time of the month and night of primordial emotions - the time women in an natural enviroment ovulate? The full moon mysticism... There is no wonder that wolves are connected to the female sides, and female re-productive forces.

Both Týr and Óðinn are connected to the spear. The rune of Týr is in fact the point of a spear, and the dwarves (the dwellers in the burial mound) made Óðinn the spear Gungnir (the swaying one, trembling). The right sacrificed arm of Týr is in fact equivalent to the spear. The rune of Óðinn is in fact the burial mound, the womb - in wich the blackelves (dwarves) dwell, keeping the belongings of the ancestor for the decendant to receive. The sacrifice of Týr (his arm) and Gungnir is the same symbol, and Óðinn will attack Fenrír with it himself at Ragnarök. This is logical, Óðinn will, as the ancestors, return the spear to the burial mound - the wolf.

Fenrír is tied to a pole with a magic cord, made by the dwarves, made out of things that do not exist. The beast is tied until Ragnarök (the new beginning, the new birth), when the earth "shakes and trembles" and the old Kings are replaced by the better and new, re-incarnated - once again.


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